Ollivier Security Systems & Network Engineering Company Overview

Ollivier is a Managed Security Provider

What is a managed security provider?  A managed security provider is a company that can work with you on every aspect of your security program.  From staffing to security systems and cyber security, Ollivier’s Smart Site approach to security programs creates a customized security program for our customers and allows them to proactively manage their security program from any device, anytime, anywhere.

We often provide technical leadership on the most complex solutions and computing environments as well as for customers without their own full-time IT staff. This partnership and technical expertise ensure a smooth installation, security operations as expected…and a really good customer experience along the way.


Security Standards – We protect your assets. Starting from the lowest layer in your network all the way to the doors, gates, cameras and sensitive information. We create multiple layers of defense, ranging from encryption, hardened controls, emergency lock-down functions to interlocking doors. We use our Cyber-Security Protocol, and offer both on-premise storage solutions as well off-premise, cloud-based ones. We do all this completely in coordination with your IT organization. Our deployments are streamlined. Our diagnoses are rapid. We know what we are doing.

Training and Experience – We understand the technology that powers any security solution that your risk profile demands. Whether your threats are from insiders or from the wild, wild web. Our Engineers hold computer science degrees. Our Field Technicians are network savvy and certified in all of the products that they work with. We have deep technical expertise. Our account executives have seen it all, with over 100 years of combined experience in the Security Industry.

Market Driven and Customer Focused. Our engineers and field staff are especially equipped and prepared to meet the security needs in Healthcare, Education, Commercial Office Space, Industrial and Technology. Each year we offer every customer an annual presentation of their existing system as well as our view of the future needs of the system. We enjoy this discussion and work hard so you will also. We present our comments in the context of your unique set of assets, vulnerabilities, threats and risks.

Comprehensive Physical & Cyber Solutions At Every Level

At Ollivier, we take a holistic, systems-level approach to the design of your security solution. Not only do we provide you with a solution designed around the absolute best in breed security products, we also look at how well it will work for your security team, your employees, customers and other stakeholders. A great security system optimizes protection, minimizes inconvenience and is readily adjusted to accommodate changes in your risk profile. We will not be satisfied until we accomplish this for you and your organization.

Ollivier provides best-of-breed technology such as: Lenel OnGuard, Milestone Video Management Solutions, Panasonic; Commend Intercoms; Verint; Schlage Wireless Locking Systems; Fluidmesh Wireless communications, Traka, Amag and Next Level Security Systems. Ollivier is constantly open to new technologies that improve the experience and security of our customers.

We at Ollivier pride ourselves on building and keeping our customers. We have numerous relationships with companies that have been customers continuously for over 15 years. This is a testament to Ollivier’s design, build experience and commitment to service expertise and operational structure. Ollivier customers are satisfied customers.